Why Rent-a-Website

Why RENT to OWN Website

Although owning a website has become a common norm in the online marketing industry, renting a website is relatively a new concept. This new idea is based on the challenges that startups or SMEs usually face when they first plan to have their own website.

Rent to Own YOUR Website


The initial and ongoing cost involved in owning a good website is usually high due to several elements included such as:

Registering & maintaining domain
Choosing & maintaining hosting
Adding SSL certificate for security
Website design & development
Writing optimised content
Website maintenance
Implementing Google Analytics
Verifying website with Google
Adding robot file & sitemap
& more


The entire process from owning a website to maintaining it is usually nerve-racking and time-consuming. These two factors- time and money- involved are the main reasons that usually keep businesses from getting their own website. We understand your concerns and, therefore, bring you high-quality rental websites that let you get your business off-the-ground with little investment. This concept of renting a website is quite useful for businesses that are just starting up and want to create an online presence, but without having to do hard work of setting up a website and spending out much money. All the hard work is done by us, while you enjoy all the benefits and revenue that come with having a dedicated business website.

Irresistible website Packages for Startups and SMEs

When you rent a website, you get a well-designed custom website according to your industry for a fixed monthly fee. Within just a few days, you get a ready-built website which incorporates all the essential and advanced features that you would like to have. Our flexible rental packages allow you to get a website as per your requirements with value added features such as SEO, Google reporting & analytics, social media linking and more.

So, why you need a rental website? Well, the answer is simple – because it makes greater sense for your business!

Cost effective websites - Lets you enjoy easier cash flow with little investment.

Cost effective solution

Lets you enjoy easier cash flow with little investment.

Minimal financial risk

Flexible, monthly rental plans means minimum financial risk.

One point of contact

You get a single unified solution for all your web marketing needs.

Ongoing maintenance & support

While you work on impressing your customers, we work on keeping your site healthy.

No hidden cost

All inclusive pay monthly packages means complete transparency and no hidden charges.


You can focus on what’s more important to you since we absorb all the website work.

Results-driven website

You get a tailored website that’s right for your business.

Scalable design

With a scalable design, you can start small and then upgrade later as your requirements.

Added services

Our all rental packages offer certain advanced services at no additional cost!

Peace of mind

While we take care of your website, you enjoy hassle-free online presence.

So Why Wait? Call RentAWebsite Today at 1300 734 457 to Discuss your Rental Option!

RentAWebsite offers you a totally affordable custom website that helps you easily connect with your audience and that too with minimal investment. If you are having a doubt whether owning a website will work for you or not, you can always look for the option of renting it. If you are still not convinced with the above-mentioned reasons, just contact us. We will help you understand every aspect of website rental,
how it can benefit your business in the long-term and what rental plan would suit you best.